Facebook vs Instagram

Karwoski, O. (22 February 2016). Facebook vs Instagram. [Infograph]
      As an assignment for my CAP 105 class, we had to create an infograph showing a representation of creating and sharing content. I chose to compare the two social media outlets I use the most, Facebook and Instagram.


The statistics I found out about Facebook were pretty much what I was expecting. It seems that everyone is on Facebook now, even our grandparents. The Instagram statistics also seem to match what I see day to day on the site, a large amount of young people and a few older people.

All of my information was found at Pew Research Center.

Duggan, M., Ellison N. B., Lampe, Cliff., Lenhart A.,  Madden, M. (9 January 2015). Social Media Update 2014. Website. Retrieved from http://www.pweinternet.org



8 thoughts on “Facebook vs Instagram

  1. I thought this comparison was so cool! The percentage of instagram users was actually lower than I expected, even though I agree with you were I expected Facebook to be higher. Very interesting!


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