As an assignment for my CAP 105 class I learned how to use Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a website where you can schedule social media posts in advance and it can also analyze results for you. Before this assignment I had never heard of such a program and I found it fun, easy and very useful to work with. Our assignment was to twitter, but seeing as I am a photography major, I got the go ahead to use Instagram instead because I saw it as more fitting.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 23.42.06
Karwoski, O. (2016, May 23) Screenshot. [Screenshot].
If you want to see the full posts, you can go to my Instagram here.

I read an article about the best times to post on Instagram. It said that generally, Wednesday posts received slightly more likes than other day’s posts and around 5 pm usually got the most likes. I used a few of those times to see if it would make a difference. Over all, I really enjoyed using Hoostuite for this assignment and plan to try and learn more about everything the website is capable of doing.

Update: I learned that even if you have scheduled your posts, you have to be available at the time  to confirm it. I had my post scheduled for 10 am and did not realize this, so my actual post did not go live until noon when I did some research and figured it out. It also made me copy and paste my caption into Instagram . This is a strange feature because it then becomes basically just a timer reminding you to post, and if you’re not around at that time, it does not get published. I was very impressed with this site at first, but this feature makes me not as excited to use it.



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