Dream Job

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Karwoski, O. (2016, March 27) Indeed. [Screenshot]
As an assignment for my CAP 105 class, we looked up jobs that we may be interested to see what kind of experience or qualifications companies require in regards to technology. I used Indeed to search for jobs. If you like on the title for each position, it will take you to the link to the specific posting. Below are my findings.

Content Specialist for Crain Communication Inc.

  • 5+ experience in digital content creation
  • Current with Search Engine Optimization, social media, social adverting and Internet marketing industry trends and best practices
  • Broad understanding of tradition and new media
  • High curiosity quotient in latest marketing and design site, trends and tools.

Manager of Digital Communications for DTE Energy

  • 7+ years of experience in employee communications
  • Previous experience in digital communication and social media marketing
  • Strong knowledge of digital and social media marketing strategies, tactic and platforms, as well as web content strategic planning
  • Experience with web tools such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Content Management Systems, WordPress (yay!), SEO, and social media tools.

Marketing & Advertising Manager for ERIE Construction 

  • History of sales, marketing or advertising – with track record of success
  • 1 year experience in marketing, sales or lead generation

Social Media Intern for Modern Content Inc. 

  • Knowledge of Excel
  • Major social channels required
  • Photoshop and/or WordPress (or any HTML talents would be a plus

Social Media Manager for Vivid Visual Solutions

  • Scheduling posts using Hootsuite
  • Creating marketing reports
  • Creating and maintaining social media accounts
  • Filter and reply to blog comments

I was a little shocked at many of the jobs, including other ones I didn’t post about, required more than three years of experience. I understand the importance of internships during college, but it is unlikely I will leave college with over a year of experience in the fields companies are asking for. This makes me think I may have to settle for a job that may not be my first choice in order to gain more experience. But on the other hand, I also realized how many of the aspects touch on in this class  popped up in the qualification list such as Hootsuite, WordPress, SEO, Photoshop, etc. Overall, this assignment was eye opening to my job expectations before and after graduation.


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