Networking Part 2

On Wednesday, April 20th, I visited the career center for another walk in appointment. I got to meet with Meghan again which was nice because she already knew the basics about me and my major so we didn’t have to go over them again. During this meeting, I asked about experience after graduation. A lot of my job experience isn’t necessarily relevant to what I want to do later in life.

Meghan made a good suggestion of having on valuable experience per semester and then by the time you graduate you have 6-8 experiences that you can put on your resume. She said they don’t all have to be jobs that you work at 20+ hours a week, they can be volunteer experience or other things like that. I asked about ¬†certifications in programs such as the Adobe Suite and she said that would be great to put on a resume, but also even if you aren’t certified, you can list that you have experience with them or learn more through things such as YouTube tutorials and list that you self taught yourself. She also recommend that I list that I made my own website and have photography clients. She said that at lot of the administrative aspects of my photography are relevant to Ad and PR.

At the end of my visit, Meghan set me up with the career advisor that specifically works with Ad and PR students. I have a meeting with Lisa scheduled for May 11 at 1 pm. I plan to talk with Lisa about ways to build my portfolio to include sample from both my photography as well as my advertising work and present it in a unique and interesting way. After setting up a meeting Meghan was in a rush to get to her next meeting so I didn’t have a chance to get a selfie with her, but I took a selfie with the poster outside the career center and took a picture of my appointment card for May 11 as well as Meghan’s business card as shown below.

Karwoski, O. (20 April 2016) Career Center Vist. [Photograph]
Karwoski, O. (20 April 2016) Career Center Selfie. [Photograph]



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