Brand Yourself


Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 19.31.23
Karwoski, O. (2016, May 23) Brand Yourself. [Screenshot].
As an assignment for CAP 105, we used the site Brand Yourself to optimize the google search results for our name. Before using the site, I was expecting it to score you on the professional nature of your posts. When completing the assignment, I learned that it scores you based on if the result is positive, negative, or a different person. I have a pretty unique name, so only a few of the results weren’t mine and all of them were positive resulting in my score of A-.

In order to improve my score I went through and marked each results as positive, negative, or not mine. I also went though and added other links such as my personal website and my about me page. I then did the list of recommendations for each website. I also boosted my personal website so that it would be one of the first results people saw when they searched me. Overall, I found this website easy to use and I can see how it would be very helpful.


Latest Technology in Website Marketing

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. People use it to bring more visits to a web page. For my CAP 105 class, I was assigned to come up with five words or phrases I thought people would search for when looking for my blog.

Heres what I came up with:

  1. Advertising…….. 135,000
  2. Technology………301,000
  3. “Final Cut”………60,500
  4. “How To”…………550,000
  5. GVSU………………60,500

With this list I used Google Keyword Tool to see how frequently these terms were searched. The numbers listed above are the  number of times per month (averaged from the last twelve months) that the term is searched. Below is a graph of the same findings of all the words combined.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 3.14.00 PM.png
Karwoski, O., (2 March 2016), Graph 1., [Screenshot]
These terms are all pretty broad. The next step of this assignment was to use Google Keyword Tool to find five alternative words that may work better for helping people get you my blog.

Heres what I found:

  1. “Website Advertising”….. 10,560
  2. “Cut 7” …………………….. 13,030
  3. “Latest Technology” ……..21,800
  4. “GVSU Allendale”………… 240
  5. Marketing…………………… 748,170

If I wanted to try and bring more traffic to my blog, I could incorporated some of theses alternative keywords. I could say that “I attended school at GVSU Allendale, but that there is also a campus in downtown GR”. Or “In my CAP 105 we are learning about the latest technology used in advertising.” “For this project, we learned how to use Final Cut 7.” “Because of today’s technological advances, website advertising now plays a huge part in advertising.” And finally, “Advertising and marketing are closely related.”

I found this project very interesting and can see how using software like this would be helpful in getting your website more views.






As an assignment for my CAP 105 class, we had to edit a photo by removing an element and adding a filter. Before this assignment, I was already pretty familiar with the software. This assignment was a nice refresher because it was been awhile since I used Photoshop.

On the right is my before image, it was taken in GVSU’s Arboretum. As you can see, both have a few minor blemishes and her bra strap is showing. To begin I went in with the healing tool and removed the blemishes. Then I used the clone stamp to remove the

Karwoski, O. (25 October 2015) Before. [Digital Photo]
showing bra strap. Next I was curious what the image would look like if the blanket went all the way to the edge of the frame and removing the patch of leafs. Trying to edit such a large area can be a tricky process because you can often tell you have messed with it in the final image. This was especially hard because the blanket had a pattern  I had to try and replicate. You can tell in my final image but I think only if you look for it since the focus is their faces and the blanket is the background. Finally, I decreased the saturation to give the image a softer feel since there are lots bright colors in the clothes and blanket. Below is the image after editing.

Karwoski, O. (18 February 2016) After. [Digital Photo]

Lasagna Roll Ups

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 6.14.06 PMAs an assignment for my CAP 105 class, I had to shoot and edit a video using Final Cut Pro. I love watching all the cooking videos that come up on Facebook and can be amused  by them for hours. So I decided to make one of those. It was a lot harder than I thought finding the right camera angles and getting enough lighting in my kitchen that has no windows.
Using Final Cut Pro was even more Story boardfrustrating because I have never used it before. Editing consisted of lots of YouTube searches for quick tutorials for what I was trying to do. I think if I tried to edit another video now it would go a lot smoother but initially learning the program was rough. Overall, I am pleased with the end result.