Final Exam


Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 1.51.47 PM
Karwoski, O. (19 April 2016) Logo. [InDesign Illustration]


logo example
Karwoski, O. (19 April 2016) Logo Example. [Photograph]

As a photographer a logo can be used for various things such as tying together your social media sites, creating a business card, as well as a watermark for your pictures. When designing my logo, I wanted to keep it simple so that in the future it would be versatile depended what it was being used for. I created this logo using InDesign. The logo here is displayed with a black background because it uses a white semi-transparent text so that I can overlay the logo on photographs. I have also included an example of what it would look like on a final image to the right.

Photo Manipulation

Link Before& after
This sculpture is called the Transformational Link, but to students it is better known as the Blue Link. It was made by the artist Gary Kulak. It is said that if you walk under it from the linked side to the unlinked side that you won’t graduate. Students avoid waking under it at all costs.

Using the clone tool, I edited out a few things that distract from the point of the picture. I edited out the corner of the chair on the lower edge, the person under the Link, and a few tree branches and poles from around my face. Since I took these pictures with my phone, the quality was not the best. The pixels on my face and hair are very noticeable. To fix this, I duplicated the image and did was a quick selection on myself then applied a diffuse filter which I then lowered the opacity of so it was not too noticeable.

Karwoski, O. (19 April 2016) Link Before and After. [Photo Collage]

Bridge Before& after
This photo was taken on the little Mac bridge. It is located on GVSU’s Allendale Campus and it connects the area of Padnos to the Lake Hall’s court yard. I use this bridge almost everyday.

For the photo on the bridge, I applied the same diffuse filter just to myself. In addition, I also edited out the shadows on the path of the bridge and a small person on the very back of the bridge.

Karwoski, O. (19 April 2016) Bridge Before and After. [Photo Collage]

Heaven and earth Before& after
This pieces located in the Lake Hall’s courtyard is called Heaven and Earth. It was created by James Clover and dedicated in 1990. I’ve been told that when the sun hits it right that it casts a shadow of the GV logo, although I have yet to see this myself.

In this image, I edited out the tree branches in the upper left corner as to not distract from myself and the sculpture. I also added an additional section to the piece of art. Finally, I added a diffuse filter using the quick selection tool.

Karwoski, O. (19 April 2016) Heaven and Earth Before and After. [Photo Collage]

clock tower Before& after
Everyone knows the GV clock tower, but it is actually called the Cook Carillon Tower. It can be seen and heard from most places on GVSU’s Allendale campus.

Although I did add a diffuse filter to this picture as well, it is less noticeable because I gave this layer a lower opacity. I felt the pixels in this image weren’t as bad as the others so the filter didn’t need to be as strong. I also covered the path closest to me with grass and added an extra tree next to the one that was already there.

Karwoski, O. (19 April 2016) Clock Tower Before and After. [Photo Collage]


Bad luck brian
Bad Luck Brian
First World Probs
First World Problems
Haters Gunna Hate
Haters Gunna Hate

You have probably seen the original memes that inspired these photos, if not you must have been living under a rock for the past few years. These were lots of fun to make. I just took seflies on my phone and used InDesign to add the words. I looked up what font memes use, because the font has a very specific look to it, and found out they use a font called Impact. I applied these fonts and used white text with a thin black boarder.

Karwoski, O. (20 April 2016) Bad Luck Brian. [Picture]

Karwoski, O. (20 April 2016) First World Problems. [Picture]

Karwoski, O. (20 April 2016) Haters Gunna Hate. [Picture]



Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 4.08.11 PM
Karwoski, O. (20 April 2016) Final Cut Pro. [Screenshot]
Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 16.39.35
Karwoski,O. (20 April 2016) Twitter Video. [Screenshot]
My favorite spot on GVSU’s campus is the darkroom. I spent a good portion of my time there working on various different projects as I am a photo major. I don’t think a lot of people are aware of the darkroom, but it is downstairs in Lake Superior Hall. There are film processing rooms, digital rooms, and a gang dark room. Here is a quick video I edited using Final Cut Pro giving a tour all the different places. I also tweeted my video using #CAP105Final.

Karwoski, O. (20 April 2016) Darkroom. [Video]

Art on Campus

Karwoski, O. (21 April 2016) Art on Campus After. [Photograph]
This piece, titled Mechanical Extensions, is located in the CAC building on GVSU’s Allendale’s campus. There is a lot of awesome student work all around Calder. At first glance, I didn’t really think much of the piece, but that was because I didn’t understand it. After reading the description that goes with the piece, I began to identify with it. The artist, Ross Tanner, explains that this piece represents his desire for his compass to become part of his hand because of his strong interest in engineering and drafting. I have definitely felt this way with my camera and I think Tanner represented it with this sculpture perfectly. Because I thought the description was so key to understanding the meaning behind the piece, I took another picture of it and edited it to be included in the picture.  As you can see in the original picture, the angle I took the picture at distorts the square shape. To fix this i used the warp tool in photoshop to give it back its shape. I also added a iris blur filter filter to myself and the sculpture but not to the description because I didn’t want to make it hard to read, as well as boosting the saturation. Here are the before and after images.

Karwoski, O. (21 April 2016) Art on Campus Before 1. [Photograph]
Karwoski, O. (21 April 2016) Art on Campus Before 2. [Photograph]

Twitter Cover Photo

Twitter cover photo
Karwoski, O. (19 April 2016) Twitter Cover Photo. [InDesign Illustration]
I created this cover photo using InDesign. The picture is one of my own which I edited and then placed in InDesign. Next I added the text in two different text box and chose a type faces that were different but still similar to compliment each other. The quote is one of my favorites by Dorothea Lange. I also changed the character spacing on the name. Below is a screenshot of the final product uploaded to my twitter account.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 19.48.16.png
Karwoski, O. (19 April 2016) Twitter Screenshot. [Screenshot]

GVSU’s Wrecking Ball

Karwoski, O. (18 April 2016) Wrecking Ball. [Photograph]
On GVSU’s Allendale campus there is a sculpture that is called a Bifilar Pendulum, but to the students, it is better known as the wrecking ball. Although the ball has been around since 1995, after the release of Miley Cyrus‘ famous music video, student began riding the sculpture and posting parody wrecking photos. This led to GVSU removing the ball in 2013 until students started a petition to bring it back. It was later reinstalled with a fence around it.

It was vital for GVSU to bring the wrecking ball back because it has become a part of GV’s culture. When I was looking at schools, during my tour of Grand Valley, the tour guide made a specific point to show the potential freshmen the ball. Now, whenever people come visit and I show them around campus, I take them by the wrecking ball. It is just another fun fact about GV that is fun to share. I think it was probably a larger part of the culture immediately after Miley Cyrus’ music video came out and everyone wanted to have their picture taken. But even now, most people have heard stories or have seen the pictures through a google image search.

As a way to attract more searches to my page, I used Google Ad Words to find alternative search words that people might look up. I did a global average monthly search for GVSU’s Wrecking Ball, my results are displayed below. Then, I incorporated some of these words into this post so that the page would also be a hit for these terms.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 12.38.34
Karwoski, O. (18 April 2016) Wrecking Ball Ad Words. [Screenshot]